Roll of the DJ F.A.Q. Commitment Facts About the DJ Bridal Shop


At last!  A DJ breaks the silence with this advice to brides:


Dear Bride-to-be:

Iím on your side.

Iíve seen how friends, family, and wedding vendors put all sorts of pressure on you.  It shouldnít be that way.  Planning your wedding day should be just as much fun as your actual wedding day.  And selecting entertainment should be the most fun of all.

I offer you simple advice to eliminate stress now:

1.       STOP rushing around.  I know you have a lot to do.  But do only what you have to.  Donít shop more than two or three vendors for each type of service.  You donít have the time.  We may be the right DJ for your wedding, but if weíre not, there are no hurt feelings.  In fact, Iím happy to refer you to another quality entertainment company if I feel they can serve your needs better 

2.       THINK about what you want.  Donít try to please everyone else.  The wedding belongs to the bride!  When you meet with us, you select the music you and your future husband want to hear.  And if it is your wish, we can certainly take requests from your guests.  We have a mammoth song selection at each wedding and can play practically anything!

3.       LISTEN to our equipment.  Our state-of-the-art sound systems are so good you wonít believe it!  What this means is simply this:  we play the music you love with crystal clarity without blowing out your guestsí eardrums!  Inferior equipment doesnít sound good unless you crank up to ten zillion decibels!   And then no can hear each other talk.  You donít want that.  Neither do your guests.

Now pick up the phone for the easiest call youíre going to make.  Call me today at 813-679-8534 to check out our available dates and packages.  Please Ė feel free to tell me more about your wedding plans.  I want to hear about them.  I hope I fit into them, but if I donít, I bet I can match you up with a reputable DJ company right for you.

I can hardly wait to talk to you!


 Skipper Schmitt

P.S.  My competitors tell me Iím crazy to refer prospective customers to my competitors!  But letís face it, one size doesnít fit everyone.  DJ Productions offers high-end quality at mid-range prices.  If that sounds interesting to you, give me a call right now at 813-679-8534.  Remember, Iím on your side.









When I say it is an honor and privilege to help you on your special day, I mean it. If you are ready for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION, please call me now at (813) 679-8534 or (813) 685-0884.

bulletI will talk about your reception in detail, answer any questions you have and you will learn...
bulletHow I use properly timed music to make your guests laugh and dance like crazy!
bullet How I entertain EVERYONE of ALL AGES. The one thing you can do after the introductions to make your reception ultra-special.

(813) 679-8534 or (813) 685-0884

Due to my busy performance schedule, prime dates fill quickly. Although I can sometimes schedule dates at the last minute, to avoid being disappointed it is best to contact me four to twelve months before the date of your event.


1) The most experienced professional performance. For over 26 years, I have helped hundreds of happy couples create amazing, fun and unforgettable wedding receptions.

2) You always work with the owner. And that's important! Your wedding gets 100% attention it deserves, and I am extremely accessible by phone and email. When it is my name out there, you know you will get the best performance and state-of-the-art sound and lighting in the industry.

3) The most complete planning service. From our initial meeting to the finalization of the timeline, I take care of every detail, so you are free to enjoy every moment of your special day. I work with you and your other vendors to create a seamless timeline, assuring that your reception runs smooth and stress-free.

4) Original and fun ideas. I specialize in creating highly personalized and unique wedding receptions that reflect your style. I listen to your requests, and share some of my original ideas that will make your reception unique. These special touches are only available with D.J. Productions.

5) More than just music! Not only do I have the best music collection on the planet, if you want to learn the latest dance craze or create some new ones, I can do that too!

6) Full-time office support. One of the greatest benefits of working with a full-time professional is the unlimited support during your planning. During the week, I am available to answer any questions you may have or to help you with any aspect of your planning where you need advise.

7) The best sound and lights, backup equipment and full coverage insurance. I take great pride in my sound and lighting system. Although my unique talents, expertise and musical abilities come first, my equipment is the tools I use to perform. I am fully insured and a member of the American Disc Jockey Association.

(813) 679-8534